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Corporate Bio

Cory Brzozowski & Greg Thompson

Founders of  Informed Financial Growth have managed two financial advisory service branches in Peterborough and the surrounding area for the past 10 years.  Informed Financial Growth was created for the purpose of uniting like minded financial professionals to provide the best advice possible on a wide array of products and services.  Cory and Greg recognize that the financial services industry is too vast for any individual to be an expert in all disciplines; therefore a net work of advisors is necessary to provide the best client care.

Cory and Greg hold a provincial life license and have studied through the Canadian Securities Institute. They have taken the Canadian securities course and the investment funds course as well as hold their Mortgage agent license.

A goal at IFG is to help guide clients to earn above average returns in an up or down market. This will be done by utilizing our lower risk strategies using Passive income strategies and Life insurance tax shelters.  In other words they are developing management strategies that are independent of market performance.

Through their careers they have realized that investors are always at the mercy of the markets and their emotions.  Unfortunately with traditional investment instruments client emotion often stands in the way of earning above average rates of return. Through our carefully developed strategies we can reduce the fear of loss and increase the potential for gain, which will result in lower risk and higher returns.