Canada’s Greatest Tax Shelter

There are many products on the market today that can create a great tax sheltering opportunity if they are properly designed. Remember, don’t confuse tax shelter with RRSP which is simply tax deferred. Although registered plans in themselves can be a great tax savings tool, always keep some money non-registered as it can save one a lot of tax dollars during retirement.

A new product recently launched is the tax free savings account which allows individuals to shelter up to $5,000 per year and never pay any tax on the growth. A wide array of investment options are available for these accounts. Another tax sheltering instrument is the use of life insurance products – either whole life or universal life. These products must specifically be designed as a tax sheltering instrument and, if set up properly, the investments will never be subject to tax again, even at retirement.

Some of these products have never paid less than 6.5% every year even during very poor and dismal economic times. These products are a great way to remove the market uncertainties and allow you to sleep better at night. To find out more information, contact us and ask for a copy of the ebook “Canada’s Greatest Tax Shelter” to find out how this product could benefit you.