Client Testimonials

Below you will find a selection of emails and letters written to us by our clients that we have been given permission to use on our website.

“I have been consulting with Cory Brzozowski, from Informed Financial Growth, for six years and feel Cory listens to my concerns and understands my short and long term goals. When family and life circumstances changed mid-stream, Cory spent time helping me sort through the options available to make modifications to the original financial plan. Cory has also been earnest in answering all my questions, whether simple or complicated in nature. It is great to have an advisor like Cory on my financial team.”
D. Hunt – Peterborough, Ontario

“I’ve been working with Cory and Greg for a few years now and although the market has been difficult to predict I feel they have my best interest when making decisions. They are easy to talk to and trustworthy with my money. Anytime I’ve called they quickly get back to me to help. Successful for them is keep their customers happy and well informed.”
C. Leca – Bomanville, Ontario

“Mona and Ernie Ferguson joined IFG some years ago. We meet regularly and receive information to assist in making intelligent decisions. We were advised to leave the traditional market and move into a stable market because of instability. This advice provides us with a stable income with little reduction in our capital. Thank you IFG!”
E. & M. Ferguson – Peterborough, Ontario

“Cory & Greg have been most helpful with our investments. They are both courteous and pleasant when you have questions and do all they can to resolve any issues that might arise. They keep you informed on your current status and advise you when they have new investments they think you might like or that might be a benefit to you.”
K. & S. Gee – Simcoe, Ontario

“You have been very professional in presentations about investments which have proved to be very lucrative in my portfolio. I appreciate that you never overstate any investment opportunity and always disclose risks. It has been a pleasure working with you both. Thanks for your guidance.”
A. & K. McArthur – Bowmanville, Ontario

“I have known Cory and Greg for five years and they have invested my money as they would their own. I have the greatest respect for them and trust them implicitly. I am happy with the way my money is working for me.”
R. Patterson – Oshawa, Ontario

“The value of my RRSP’s had plummeted as a result of the recession. Cory Brzozowski was able to offer me a number of options as far as transferring my remaining funds out my RRSP’s to be reinvested in a niche real estate investment that offered me a very decent fixed rate of return.

Both Cory and Greg have been very patient with me in explaining my financial investments with them and I trust their judgement implicitly. I would recommend their services to anyone who is looking for a safer way to invest during this continuing precarious climate in our economy.”
J. Barker – Bowmanville, Ontario

“I have been dealing with Informed Financial for many years. They have kept me informed of the market trends and have offered me the right products to grow my money. Their personal approach is what separates them from the rest. I know my families financial future is in good hands.”
B. Maudsley – Cobourg, Ontario

“I first met Cory when I was referred to another Financial Advisor and he was working there. Almost right from the start, Cory didn’t agree with what and how these people were operating their business… so he left, starting up his own company with Greg. Those who also felt something was not quite right, or in our best interest, followed Cory and Greg.

I wondered there for a second if I was doing the right thing but Cory showed me all the specialized people working behind him, he wasn’t just holding one hand over his eyes and dropping his other finger randomly to see what he would next invest in. So now I had a whole team working for me.

Bottom line, Cory gave me good advice all along. When things got scary, we moved or pulled out of certain investments, I figure he saved me $30-40,000.

Always with his eye on the end result, watching the markets closely, we jumped exactly when we should have out of a bad situation, right into a good one. Now I can check my investments on the first of each month and see exactly how much money I made last month. I’ve got to admit, that’s a really nice feeling.

In summary, Cory has always provided me with detailed print outs of what is going on in the world, and in my financial world, explained what my next step is and why, sometimes over and over again making sure I understand, he has never steered me wrong. When I’m sitting at the conference table with him, I have the feeling that my interest is his only concern … and my concern is his only interest. ”
D. Payne – Peterborough, Ontario

“Cory Brzozowski has been our representative for a few years. He is very knowledgable, helpful and always keeps us informed.”
D. & N. Downes – Toronto, Ontario