Everything You Need to Know about Super Visa Insurance

In December 2011 it became possible for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to apply for the Parents and Grandparents Super Visa and visit their family for a period of two full years without renewing their visa for ten years.

This program was created by the Canadian government in order to address issues around long wait times for foreign visas which has been known to cause great difficulty for family members who are attempting to arrange extended visits to their Canadian relations.

One of the stipulations of the super visa program is that the visiting party must buy Super Visa Insurance prior to obtaining a super visa.

The new visa system offers advantages such as the ability to visit to visit Canadian relatives for extended periods of time, a shorter visa approval period and the elimination of the need to reapply for a visa every six months as was required under the previous system.

What Is Super Visa Insurance?

Super Visa insurance is an insurance product which provides coverage for medical emergencies as well as for a variety of other travel-related issues while visiting Canada via a super visa.

Super Visa Policy Requirements

  •  The Canadian government has advised that Super Visa policies are to be for no less than $100 000 and that they must be valid for a duration of at least one year
  •  Should the insured be planning to remain in Canada for a two year period, their Super Visa policy must be renewed before the current policy expires.

Other Advantages

With any Super Visa Insurance policy, there are alternatives available to cover unforeseen circumstances.

Should a situation arise in which you are forced to cut your visit short for any reason, there is a refund available based on the proportion of the policy that has been used.  While most companies offer this refund option, do make certain that you check before purchasing your policy in order to ensure that the company you are purchasing from has it available.

Another option that some companies offer is the ability to continue the coverage in your home country upon your return there.

And, should you obtain a policy and have your application for a visa turned down for any reason, you are entitled to a full refund to ensure that you are not holding an unnecessary policy.

There are a variety of ways in which Super Visa policies offer protection to policy holders.

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