Frequently Asked Questions

What Products and services do you offer?

Informed Financial Growth offers a wide variety of services that can be tailored to fit each unique situation we are faced with. Whether it is starting your first investment plan, covering your first mortgage with a term insurance policy or investing funds from the sale of your quota, we have the solution for you. Please see our services page for a full list of the services we provide through our network of professionals.

How are you compensated for your services?

Being independent financial advisors we offer products and services from a long list of financial institutions. The benefit of this is we canrecommend a specific product from one company or another which best accomplishes our objectives. For instance, Manulife might have a better rate on insurance while we like the investment options better at Canada Life. This allows us an unbiased analysis of the need we are trying to fill. Most of our clients prefer to work on a commission based structure, meaning we get paid from the financial Institution whose product we recommend. Many clients prefer this method since it means they are not out any money upfront for allowing us to work with them.

How do you differentiate yourself from your competition?

There are many ways that we differ from our peers. Informed Financial Growth was created for the purpose of uniting like minded financial professionals to provide the best advice possible on a wide array of products and services. Cory and Greg recognize that the financial services industry is too vast for any individual to be an expert in all disciplines; therefore a net work of advisors is necessary to provide the best client care.

Many advisors rely explicitly on the markets to generate the returns necessary for people to save a meaningful amount of money for their retirements. At Informed Financial Growth through our associations we are able to offer some very unique investment opportunities. Our real Estate investment products offer real security. With the security of a real property behind your investment you can sleep easy at night. And with returns of 6.5% to 10% in a fixed term and fixed rate the only thing you are giving up by not being in the markets is the volatility.

How long have you been in business?

Founders of Informed Financial Growth have managed two financial advisory service branches in Peterborough and the surrounding area since 2002.

Have you ever been publicly disciplined for any unlawful or unethical actions in your professional career?


Who holds my money and is it possible for you to have access to withdraw my money from my account?

Your funds are held by a third party custodian, such as Manulife, Fidelity, or a trust company. Your regular investment statements will come directly from that third party custodian. We may also issue you statements, but someone at arms length will also be sending statements directly to you.

Almost every instance of financial fraud happens when the money is not held by a third party custodian. In that case, statements can be falsified without accountability. Money can be withdrawn from client accounts and stolen.

This is an important protection that every reputable professional uses to be above reproach.

What hours are you available and how often should I expect to be hearing from you?

Our office hours are from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. We also quite often meet clients in the evening at their homes. For urgent matters clients have access to our cell phones and emails during after hours and weekends. Clients can expect to hear from us every 3 to 6 months.

Are there any costs to move my money if I am dissatisfied?

Generally speaking for banking products like GICs there are no fees to move the investment. Other products like mutual Funds or annuity funds may have a back end load or fee depending how the funds were invested. The back end fee is a declining fee which decreases each year. Depending on the fund the fee decreases to zero after 5-7 years. Some other fixed term products have investors locked in from 2 to 5 years depending on the company we deal with.

Can you tell me about your ideal client?

Our clients are from all walks of life. Some are business owners or highly skilled professionals and trades people. We work with honest hard working people that have a high integrity. Generally our clients are low risk takers and conservative in nature. They want to protect their assets while earning a healthy consistent return.

What references do you have for me to speak to?

Please see our client testimonials page to see what some of our clients have to say about us.