Volatile Stock Markets and All Time Low GIC Rates…

Are you tired of losing sleep over what your retirement funds are producing in the stock markets? It seems every day you look at the news, the markets are in turmoil. Yes, they have rebounded significantly since their low in March 2009 but as we have seen since last Friday, one major catastrophe in the world, and then can come crashing back down. What if you are living off of your money and no longer in the markets? Then I would hope you are in some type of product not associated with the stock markets. Maybe a GIC perhaps? As I am writing this, the best 1 yr GIC rate is 2.10%. The best 5 yr rate is 3.50%. I am sorry but that just doesn’t cut it. Especially if your money is in an RRSP. Since the government forces you to start withdrawing from your RRSP at age 71 at a pre described amount, this most certainly should not cut it. At age 71, you would have to withdraw 7.38% of your Jan 1st capital based on your age. What if you only made 2.10%? You guessed it! You are know cutting into your capital and depleting it by 5.28%. This can be devastating for some people who have to have this money to live on. If a person lives into their 90′s then this will become an even bigger problem as the will surely outlive their retirement funds.

We at IFG feel we have a better option for some qualified people who wish for something better. Those who do not wish to risk everything in the markets yet just won’t stand for insulting all time low rates.

Jaymor Group out of Richmond Hill, Ontario has a very attractive bond offering which yields 10% fixed per year for a 5 year term. It is RRSP eligible and pays interest monthly. Like I said earlier, their are some factors in which you have to be an accredited investor to qualify but it is a suitable investment for those especially in a retirement mode who are drawing out more income than they are making annually in interest. Please click on the link below to get more information.

10% Jaymor Capital Bond